Jasmin song's Story

Jasmin Song was born into a musical family in Queens, NY. Her singing career began at infancy as her mother, Leslie Johnson, daughter of Milwaukee, WI's Legendary Jazz performer, Scat Johnson, taught her over 100 children's songs by the age of three.   

Jasmin's father, Blue Note and Prestige band leader/recording artist George Braith, was extremely influential, always playing Jazz music around the house while she was growing up. At every opportunity Jasmin performed in school plays and special children's events, but at the age of 11, she decided, along with her sister, Chime Melodie, that it was time to buckle down and do some serious practicing and public performing.   

After only 5 months of building a set of 15 original songs, it was time to perform live. In Tampa, FL Jasmin Song and Chime Melodie performed at a local restaurant and earned a spot in "The Weekly Challenger," a local news paper. Writer, Ricky Lyons stated, "They are truly on the right road for a promising career in music."   

At age 12, Jasmin moved to Milwaukee, WI, where her family group performances have included many local dates at venues such as The Jazz Estate, The Knickerbocker Hotel, Fox Hills Resort, and The Mitchell Park Domes. Jasmin enjoys performing Jazz Standards, R&B, and Gospel. Jasmin has also performed with the family groups, including "The Billy Johnson Trio" and "George Braith and the Braith Sisters." They were featured at the Lennox Lounge in Manhattan New York, and also NPR Detroit Radio.   

Jasmin Song relocated back to New York, NY in September, 2008 where she performed regularly with George Braith & Friends in the West Village, NYC. 

As of late, Jasmin Song is performing with various groups and working on her new album featuring style of R&B which is close to her heart being the music of her time growing up.  With music being inherited from her mother's and father's families, Jasmin Song completes a genetic symbiosis that is magical to observe.